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Companies always have an origin story, this is ours...

  • Factory Price

    We are a production manufacturer and also an export trader, with the largest production factory in China, providing high quality and low price sunglasses
  • Trading Company Type Services

    We have high-quality talents, provide the most professional, fast, and high-quality service experience throughout the whole process, and are an innovative Chinese sunglasses wholesale manufacturer and trader
  • Third Party Quality Standards

    We provide the highest quality for the sunglasses you choose, and have the most professional talents to control the quality of the products and escort our sales team
  • Brand Services

    We accept a minimum of 2 pairs to customize your own logo on the temples/lenses, and sunglass accessories can also be purchased in large quantities for customization
  • Certified Clean Energy Supply Chain

    We have the highest clean energy supply chain certification in the country, and have successfully entered China's latest cutting-edge manufacturing field to achieve a green industry
  • Rich Export Experience

    We have more than 20 years of export experience, and currently there are more than 100 exporting countries. We have CE, pro65, ISO, FDA, Drop Ball Test and other certifications, and can provide you with complete export information

Rely on good quality products, high efficiency work and considerate service, we gained thousands of clients’ trust, and exported our sunglasses to every continent of the world. We have always been dedicating to integrating the sunglasses resources in China. To work with us, you will see fast and professional working flow guiding you to accomplish the project as soon as possible. Save your time and energy on sourcing and communication with many suppliers. 

We Offer The Best Collection of Fashion Wholesale Sunglasses

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